Is a Blog Right for Your Credit Union Website?

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Is a blog right for your credit union website?

Is a blog right for your credit union website? The simple answer is yes. A blog is one of the most powerful marketing and branding tools you have at your disposal. A blog for your credit union website accomplishes several major things:


  • A blog adds fresh content to your website for search engines to “crawl” i.e. gives you the opportunity to rank for keywords your customers may be searching for
  • A blog can rank high enough in search engine results to lead people to the rest of your website
  • Evergreen content (that which stays relevant over time) can direct visitors to your site month after month
  • Blog content is super-shareable on social media
  • Blog content answers your visitors most pertinent questions and positions you as a thoughtleader in the field


More website visitors, better site authority, content ready for social media, and helping your members find useful information: what’s not to love about a blog? But you may be asking yourself, “what types of things could I write about on my blog to help drive visitors to my credit union website?” We’ve done the legwork for you and identified a couple topics to help get you started:

  • Is it Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?
  • 10 Tried & True Tips for an Easier Retirement
  • Online Banking: What Is It?
  • The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Finances This Year
  • How to Get Started Consolidating Debt


….And the list goes on and on. The best blogs will be focused around the keywords your existing and potential members are searching for online now. Start with your customers’ pain points and make lists that are easily digestible and actionable. Providing real value will keep your customers coming back for more and more.

Need help on getting started on a blog for your credit union website? Send us an email at today!

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