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Quote overtop of background featuring dramatic photo of lightbulb: "Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different."
Michael Porter

When we break down a task, we make our success more attainable.

Embarking on a social media journey can feel overwhelming. From building a following to monitoring trends, you may think you don’t have time. But the virtual side of your business can be just as important as daily operations.

That’s why building a strategy is so important.

Who is your audience? Knowing who you need and want to reach will help inform all your social media decisions. Starting with research, and channeling that research into making personas, will allow you to decide where to focus your efforts.

If you know your audience, you know if they are on Facebook or Yelp, Pinterest or Twitter. Make choices that will help your brand stand out. It’s okay to invest your time and money into the social platform that will be most beneficial to you.

How often do you want to reach them? Setting guidelines around how often to post on which channel will help you manage your time. Additionally, creating goals of how many followers you’d like to have by a certain point will ensure you know if you are on track.

Remember, it’s also important to create a timeline for yourself. Check in and see how your goals are measuring up. Metrics might change or you might realize you were overambitious. If you need to adjust your goals to be more realistic, that’s a normal part of the social media strategy process. Keep checking in.

Is your community engaged and empowered? When you join social media, you are joining a community. Online, we are truly all in it together. Not only can you break down your tasks to help reach goals, but you can call on others to help.

It’s an engaged community that makes for a strong social presence. Empower your employees with social media guidelines so they know how to participate. Encourage your followers to submit user-generated content. Engage with fans by replying to posts.

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