Transitioning your business to the new realities of a digital world

Small businesses have been thrown into a new world with no preparation—and no road map—to guide them. Social isolation and social distancing have become the lay of the land, so connections with clients, employees, and others must become digital. That’s why we’ve compiled a centralized array of virtual training sessions for your convenience. These training sessions from industry experts can guide you on taking your business virtual and managing your remote team.

Let’s go!
  • windows and an empty office
    How to take your business virtual.

    In the wake of the COVID-19 quarantine, virtual platforms are more important than ever for your business. Learn digital marketing techniques and best practices straight from our own experts at Epic.

  • woman working from home at window
    Managing your remote workforce.

    The abrupt transition to 100% remote has a lot of companies and people playing catch up. At Epic, we've always worked remote! Here are our top tips and recommended tools to get the most of your employees, and yourself, when working from home.

  • an open book of, coffee, notebook, pen and lights
    Focus on health and wellness.

    Yes the world has turned a bit upside down, and everyone is rushing to help right it. But, in all the chaos, take time for yourself. You can't be everything for everyone if you don't give yourself attention care and comfort, too.

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