How to take your business virtual

There’s lots to consider as you take your business virtual. At first it might seem…virtually impossible. It’s not! With the right guidance, making the shift can be quite straightforward. You’ll need to learn how to use technology to your advantage. Whether you’re pivoting to an e-commerce platform, going digital with customer service, or stepping up your use of social media to get out your message, we have the training you need.

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Pivoting to e-commerce.

What if we told you that taking your business digital is easier than you think? As a marketing specialist at Epic Marketing Consultants Corporation, it’s my job to know how to help you up your digital game, and as a self proclaimed shopaholic, I can help your store blossom online.

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woman using google search
SEO 101

It’s more important than ever to ensure customers can find your website. Join one of Epic’s resident SEO experts, Amy, as she walks you through the basics of organic search.

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Computer displaying Google Ads
SEM 101

In a sea of digital noise, how on earth do you stand out in the crowd? Join one of Epic’s resident SEM experts, Amy, as she walks you through the basics paid search campaigns through Google.

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hands with different ways of receiving communications
Effective communication in a crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting organizations in all industries and sectors, it’s essential to adjust your messaging. At EPIC, we advise clients on messaging in good times and bad. Join Sheryl, our senior copywriter, as she offers tips on crisis communications.

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cell phone with social media apps
The basics of social media

Love it or hate it, social media is a huge part of modern life. In this training, Epic’s CEO Nancy, will walk you through the basics of social for your business.

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