Managing your remote workforce

With today’s technology, working from home is a viable option for many employees. Managing your team when they’re working from home takes the right technology and the right oversight. Managers must learn how to effectively lead and motivate from afar. Employees must set up a conducive work environment and learn how to eliminate distractions. (Hey Fido, we’re talking to you.) If everyone involved uses the resources to stay connected, voila! Your business will be seamlessly moving ahead.

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Overwhelmed work from home employee.
10 Tips to increase your work from home productivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home a new reality for many. Thankfully, at EPIC we’ve always worked remotely, so we’re old hat at this! Join Peter, our Futurist in Residence, as he walks you through his top 10 tips for remote productivity.

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Our list of the best resources and tools for staying connected

Join Jessica Bell, our VP of Marketing Operations, as she walks you through her top tools for teams working remotely.

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mom juggling work and baby
Video: Five ways to keep up employee morale

Epic's futurist-in-residence, Peter Shankman, tells you how to make sure your employees stay happy and productive while working from home.

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guy stretching during the work day
Video: Getting the most out of your employees while working remote

Being a manager is hard. Being a manager that is suddenly overseeing a remote staff can be especially jarring. Join Peter Shankman as he tells you ways to get the best out of your employees, even while they're remote.

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Video: Five tips for productivity

We all get distracted, some more easily than others. Regardless of which camp you fall into, this training video featuring Peter Shankman will give you great tips to stay on task.

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