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How can we make new friends and meet potential clients?

Longtime followers and returning customers are great. That’s because they are your most loyal supporters and promoters. These are the folks who already know who you are. They also understand what you do, and will go to bat for your anytime.

But part of being in business is growing. When we sit still for too long, we risk losing sight of how to best serve others. That’s why it’s important to stay moving — look for opportunities to learn new skills, consider different perspectives, and gain new followers.

Who else do we need to reach and why?

Even if you’ve identified your target audience and found success in establishing a strong base of interested folks, your work isn’t done. Generating new leads is an important way to continue to find potential customers and better understand your role in the marketplace.

As with most elements of marketing and social media, vision and data are very much a part of generating new leads.

If your goal is to generate new leads, how can you track that?

  • See how your email marketing contact list is growing.
  • Create gated content and invite folks to download (for free).
  • Announce a contest or event on social media and watch participation.
  • Monitor clicks on targeted social media campaigns.

Ultimately, you’ll want to watch the conversion numbers. In other words, once you have these leads, how many become part of that group of steady friends and regular clients?

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