Email Marketing: 3 Ways to Sharpen Your Campaigns

Was 2010 the end of email?
Here in 2020, it sure doesn’t look like it.

Even as technologies shift and new platforms emerge, checking email is the top activity on the internet. In a Marketo report, email marketing is not dead – if fact, just the opposite. Of Americans who are regularly online, 94% say email is a regular activity, and often a preferred way to communicate.

Need further proof? If you use email to distribute content, you’re not alone. HubSpot also reports 93% of B2B marketers use email for such a purpose –  because email marketing generates about $38 for every $1 spent.

However, while these numbers show the popularity of email marketing, they also show a crowded field. If your email strategy is dated, you may not consider it such a successful investment. In fact, in aimlessly sending email newsletters, you may be alienating audiences.

So, how can you sharpen your email marketing skills for maximum impact?
Think Mobile

man looking at email marketing on mobile phoneEmail is no longer something only viewed upon arriving at work and booting up your desktop. It’s opened whenever, wherever, and often first seen upon rolling out of bed and grabbing for a smartphone.

Did you know that two-thirds of mobile users will delete your email if it’s not optimized for their on-the-go inboxes?

With that kind of data, it’s impossible to ignore mobile. Your perfectly designed email marketing piece may look totally different on a small, rolling screen. Your call-to-action at the bottom may not even be seen. Consider an approach that’s both functional and fun. Keep emails short, call-to-action buttons big, and find ways to surprise your viewers.

Be Visual

If you take our suggestion, one of your resolutions to rock social media marketing in 2020 may be to invest in visuals. Whether that means upping your toolbox or calling on professional help, think of how improved visuals can be used in email.

Get your audience to open the email with a clear and attention-grabbing subject line, then delight them with an unexpected animation or GIF. Linking out to a video or showcasing recent Instagram posts can help tie in your other channels, while directing your audience to continue their conversation with you on another platform.

Focus on Connection

With such a crowded field, it’s important to continuously remind folks why they are part of your circle. That doesn’t mean mercilessly contacting them. No, this is about thoughtful, curated messages. Today, people see going online as going to be with their communities. What does your business bring to their life?

Stay social through email marketing and think of each message as another step in building a relationship. Send surveys to gain valuable feedback. Send event invites to engage customers, either through a special party at a brick-and-mortar location to celebrate a product launch or anniversary, or to join a special group of like-minded followers on Facebook.

In doing so, you signal you care enough to get to know people and want to offer them some special. And at the same time, you’re extending the conversation to future emails and other platforms, both in-person and online.

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