3 TED Talks To Calm Tech Fears

Don’t be afraid of technology.

For some people, that might be easier said than done. In our fast-paced, tech-driven world, it can be hard to keep up with change. As a result, we might fear it.

How do we continue to explore, keep a healthy level of skepticism, and remain excited for what’s next?

Here are three TED Talks that inspire us to not be afraid of the future. Once you listen to their advice, you might feel excited about the future or want to start an experiment yourself.

Don’t fear superintelligent AI with Grady Booch

As a kid, IBM’s Grady Booch was thrilled to see technology show up in Hollywood blockbusters and play with the imagination. As an adult, he notes, some of the technologies that were fantasy are becoming a reality.

He’s not afraid of what’s next. Instead, he thinks we’re on the cusp of an exciting adventure.

“We are on an incredible journey of coevolution with our machines,” Booch says in this TED Talk.

How can technology transform the human body with Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae is “fascinated with the idea of what happens when you merge biology with technology.” McRae trained in classical ballet and has a background in architecture and fashion.

In her collaborations and experimentations, she combines those interests and considers how technology and the human body could connect. For instance, how might clothes, tattoos and technology intersect?

To find out, listen to McRae share her curious creations in this TED Talk. Afterward, you might be thinking what you would create.

Why good hackers make good citizens with Catherine Bracy

Are all hackers to be feared? Not necessarily. For some tech-driven folks, being a hacker means being inquisitive and looking for a problem to solve. When you change your perspective, you might be surprised to find out what hackers are up to.

“For every hacker that’s trying to steal your identity there’s one that’s building a tool that will help you find your loved ones after a disaster or to monitor environmental quality after an oil spill,” Catherine Bracy shares in this TED Talk.

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