An App to Help You Remember Passwords

You can’t remember everything. That’s why there are some truly bad passwords out there.

Did you know “starwars” showed up on the worst passwords in 2017? Instead of coming up with a unique, personal password, users were tapping into a cultural moment and giving hackers an easy entry point. 

We’re told that passwords should be private, difficult for others to figure out, easy for us to remember, contain capitals and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, and not be reused across multiple sites.

No wonder it can be difficult to remember them all!

Creating effective passwords is no small feat, especially when we must generate one for everything from our social media accounts to our bank accounts. Add in the complexities of establishing passwords for both our personal and professional lives, sharing access with select holders, and managing the accounts of others, and it seems inconceivable to properly manage password security.

According to a survey from McAfee, consumers use an average of 13 unique passwords for an average of 23 online accounts. What’s worse is that 31 percent use two to three passwords for all their accounts, and many are often forgetting and resetting their passwords. 

A password generator and keeper, like LastPass, can help. In addition to being able to save your credentials, LastPass can also help by generating unique combinations that are much better than “password” or “1234” — which are unfortunately some of the most frequently used passwords!

Once you create an account and log in to a master password, LastPass looks after your other passwords in a vault, so that you don’t have to remember. LastPass can be used through a browser extension, so that the app can automatically fill in information for your different sites. You can add sites and securely share access to certain accounts with others. 

Take control of your security and look into a strong password generator and vault.


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