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Yes, You Can Use Video on LinkedIn
Everybody’s on LinkedIn—even celebrities are on this social platform known for networking. And while this may not be the platform you go to for fun, it is the platform you should be on for professional connections. According to numbers from LinkedIn’s Sophisticated...
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4 Quotes to Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Habits
Resilience, curiosity, focus and follow through—the skills required to be an entrepreneur are good ones to have no matter what industry you’re in, and no matter whether you own your own business. Working with an entrepreneurial outlook can be beneficial...
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Make a Splash with Live Video
When you aren’t sure how exactly to use a new tool or platform, sometimes it’s best to jump right in. For those who haven’t tried incorporating a video strategy into their social media and marketing routines, or don’t feel like...
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3 TED Talks to Pique Your Social Media Marketing Curiosity
TEDTalks Offer Social Media Marketing and Branding Lessons In social media marketing—as with all forms of good marketing, we love to think about why and how. How can we connect with this group? Why is this connection special? It’s important...
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Inspired to Go Viral? Find the X Factor
When it comes to going viral, there’s a certain X factor that remains unknown. Sometimes, it seems that going viral isn’t something that one so much achieves as inadvertently accomplishes. It’s as if, suddenly, it’s happened to you! Even more...
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Don’t Forget These Personalization Tips
Data, data, data. People crave a personal connection online and in the real world. Thanks to the wealth of social media and marketing insights we’re now able to collect, we can easily innovate to customize the user experience in ways...
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The 3 Steps to Making Video Work For You
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Sometimes, it’s helpful to see what others are doing. It can drive inspiration, collaboration and connection. Other times, it can be distracting. With 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube daily, it can be both inspiring and overwhelming to see what...
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Find Your Zen at Work: Eliminate Distractions
It’s happened again—you were writing that report, but then you took a break to check your email. Also Twitter. And Facebook. What can you do when a world of discovery and distraction is at your fingertips? Sure, it’s not a...
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Say Yes to Creative Balance
Creative people love to say, “Yes.” Saying “yes” can lead to unexpected opportunities and amazing collaborations. Saying “yes” can open doors to new connections and projects. Working from a place of “yes” means we are inspired by the work, and...
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Seeing is Not Always Believing
We lead increasingly visual lives these days. How can you tell if someone’s #bestlife is really theirs? If you see an image that looks too good to be true, keep in mind that it might be. It might have taken...
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