Educational Site to Help Businesses Transition to Virtual

Small Businesses Are in Transition and Need to Take Their Business and Teams Virtual. Epic Marketing Consultants is Here to Help.

An array of virtual training sessions to help small businesses transition to the new realities of a digital world is now available online, thanks to Epic Marketing Consultants’ recent launch of a specialized educational hub.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors to the public this spring, shifting their services and transitioning their employees to remote work, social isolation and social distancing have become the lay of the land. Small businesses especially have been thrown into a new world with no preparation—and no road map—to guide them.

This is where Epic Marketing, a full-service marketing and advertising agency, hopes to help with a series of online training sessions and resources.

“In a crisis, we always hear it’s important to look for the helpers,” says Nancy Dibert, CEO of Epic. “Truly, no business or individual has been untouched by the effects of this terrible disease and, as our world comes together to search for solutions, we at Epic Marketing want to do our part. As a business based in Delaware and New York City with clients and employees working all over the U.S., we hope these resources will go far to help our neighbors, our friends, and our colleagues, wherever they may be, find their way through this dark time.”

The resources—which are free to use by all—can be found online at

Take Your Business Virtual with These Videos and How-Tos

Created by industry experts, including Epic’s Dibert, Futurist in Residence Peter Shankman, and Creative Director Amy Warrington, the site covers a wide range of timely business needs, from employee wellbeing to crisis communications:

  • The How to Take Your Business Virtual section features a series of lessons on pivoting to e-commerce, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, crisis communications, social media basics, and more.
  • The Managing Your Remote Workforce section includes tips on at-home productivity, a list of resources and tools to stay connected, and a series of short video lessons on topics such as boosting employee morale.
  • The Focus on Your Health and Wellness section includes links to information aimed at helping everyone take a deep breath and relax as well as tips on how to stay informed and make the best decisions for personal health and wellness.
Stay Tuned for More Mini Business and Marketing Lessons

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home a new reality for many, but it’s long been part of our DNA at Epic. Whether you’re looking to stay connected, effectively manage a team, or increase your own productivity, there is something on this site for you,” says Futurist Peter Shankman. “We all must shift our thinking as we focus on serving our clients in the weeks and months ahead. We hope our expertise can help others as they navigate the changes, and I’m thrilled this site will help businesses and individuals find their way.”

The lessons can be accessed and enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and will be frequently updated.

“If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that we’re all in this together,” adds Dibert. “We should be good friends and neighbors right now and, in that spirit, we hope businesses know they can count on Epic Marketing as we collectively find a new normal.”

Epic Marketing Consultants Corporation, based in Odessa, Delaware, and NYC, New York, is a 12-year-old, full-service marketing and advertising agency that blends traditional, digital, and social media communications and marketing to create contemporary business solutions. Services include marketing, advertising, graphic design, media planning, corporate identity, branding, crisis communications, public relations, and social media management.

For other information on navigating the virtual business landscape, check out the resources at the SBA website.

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