Consumer Psychology

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How Does an App Name Spell Success?
From dating sites to travel platforms, successful apps find their marketing groove with the right calling card. What’s in an app name? Everything. Consider, for example, that the photo-sharing app and social media platform Instagram started out as Burbn. Like...
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It’s a Date: Engage Your Audience and Respond to Feedback
Effective audience engagement is about finding ways to keep the conversation, and relationship, strong. Ask questions and be a good listener.
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Seeing is Not Always Believing
We lead increasingly visual lives these days. How can you tell if someone’s #bestlife is really theirs? If you see an image that looks too good to be true, keep in mind that it might be. It might have taken...
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4 Consumer Psychology Principles to Incorporate in Your Marketing
Understand the Psychology of Marketing Marketing involves influencing people’s behavior. Whether you want to drive traffic to your store, increase sales for a specific product, or introduce a new service you want people to buy, visit, and engage with your...
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Developing Personas is Important for Your Marketing Efforts
What Are Buyer Personas? Personas are fictional representations of your customers or members. They are key in helping companies better understand their customers. To create effective, targeted messages, you need to know your audience. Personas help paint a picture of...
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