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Raise Your Hand: Send Your Perfect Pitch Email
A pitch email is your shot to say hello. Here’s how to get it right. What are the ingredients to a perfect pitch email? As short as these missives can be, they can feel extremely challenging to write. Meanwhile, it...
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Email Marketing Term to Know: List Hygiene
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Practice list hygiene to better connect with clients and potential customers and ensure your emails to the right inboxes.
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Open Your Online Store
It’s Time to Pivot to E-Commerce
Growing your digital business is easier than you think. Pivot to e-commerce and watch your sales grow online with a digital store.
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Tighten up Cybersecurity at Home
Tighten Up Cybersecurity at Home
Without an at-home cybersecurity measures, you are opening yourself up to hackers.
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Free Ways to Support Small Businesses
6 Free Ways to Encourage Small Businesses
You don’t have to leave home or spend money to show support.
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Clean Up Your Copy Quickly
Polish Your Communications in Minutes
If you can’t put your best face forward, it’s time to put your cleanest copy.
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Make It Easy to Respond to Emails
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Is email your love language? Whether spouse to spouse or client to client, communication is key in a relationship. It’s important to know someone is listening, feel heard and understood, and process information to move forward in healthy and productive...
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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing
Understanding Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing Differences
We may be emailing, blogging, tweeting, or cold calling, among other communications. That’s why it’s important to understand fundamentals like inbound and outbound marketing.
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Email Marketing: 3 Ways to Sharpen Your Campaigns
How can your emails take on a new life in 2020? Even as technologies shift and new platforms emerge, checking email is the top activity on the internet.
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Share the Love
Share the Love: Make Your Audience Feel Special
In this busy holiday season, how can you make your audience feel loved? The turkey isn’t the only thing being stuffed this holiday season. Inboxes and mailboxes are both seeing an influx of holiday greetings. During the holidays, businesses may...
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