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Have fun with Dice
Have Fun with Gamification
Let’s play a game. From Foursquare to Uber, gamification has become an accepted part of how people interact with companies. By reorganizing everyday activities into a game, consumers can engage with a brand in a fun and memorable way. Whether...
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Creative Multiple Yellow bulbs
Be an Inspired Lifelong Learner
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Keep learning from the best. School is back in session — and it can be for you, too. Whether you’re a recent graduate or recently retired, learning never goes out of style. Here are three TED Talks we like that...
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Quotes to Learning Lifelong
4 Leadership Quotes to Inspire Lifelong Learning
Great leaders and innovators never stop learning. When we learn, we become better leaders, colleagues, friends, and partners. Learning keeps our skills sharp — an ever-important need in the fast-paced world of technology and communications. Not only that, when we...
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Social media policy is a crucial tool for any organization
Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Policy
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Sometimes, the internet can feel like the Wild West. Understanding our tools, planning ahead, and having procedures in place can help. That’s why your business needs a social media policy. What’s a social media policy? A social media policy is...
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Social media help us to reach our goals
Set SMART Social Media Goals
Let’s go from the broad to the specific. As online marketers, we often think about success in terms of positive online interactions, strong followings, and engaged audiences. We recognize that the power of social media can help us reach our...
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Vote for epic in 2019 Readers Choice
Thanks For Saying ‘Yes’
We’re nominated for Reader’s Choice! As our followers and clients know, at Epic Marketing we come from a place of yes. When we say “yes” in life, good things happen. Positive energy drives enthusiasm, creates opportunities, encourages innovative solutions—and, ultimately, produces results....
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Marketing event videos through mobile
Add Video to Your Events
Bring your event to guests with video. Thanks to social and online options, no one is ever excluded from the guest list. Using video across your social media platforms, you can extend your marketing powers while playing with new tools....
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Relax, Take it easy and have fun in vaccination
Craft Your Out-of-Office Email
Rejuvenation is especially important in marketing. Fast-paced environments, exciting challenges, and frequent deadlines can be both thrilling and stressful. Even if marketers are happy in their industry, they can still feel overloaded and in need of a break. Yes, you can and...
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like symbol in yellow color
Add Emojis for Fun, Creative Connections
Does your business speak emoji? There are more than 3,000 emojis at our fingertips⁠—and we are making use of them! Facebook statistics show an average of 5 billion emojis are sent each day on Facebook Messenger. And as of mid-2015—a few...
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Snail in green leaf with a green background
Slow Down and Make Time to Relax
Slowing down is just as important as speeding up. With so much on our to-do lists, taking a quiet moment to yourself can feel counterintuitive. Sitting still—away from your devices and the endless scroll—may at first encourage your mind to...
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