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Your Inbox Knows Your Birthday
How can you make your digital well wishes feel authentic? People love to feel special. Keeping track of birthdays and milestones can be a special way to stay in touch with customers and clients. Coupons, discounts, and freebies are great birthday perks....
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Relax Your Way to Creativity
Taking time for yourself can have myriad benefits. When we rest, we open up our minds to opportunities to be creative and productive. Although it might look like we are doing one thing, our minds remain hard at work⁠. We...
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Make Your Social Media Move
In online marketing, words alone don’t cut it. According to molecular biologist and Brain Rules creator John Medina, “Vision trumps all other senses.” For example, Medina says that three days after hearing a piece of information people will remember 10 percent of...
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Your Social Media Career: Multiple Roles
Let’s talk about careers in social media. Social media manager. SEO specialist. Online marketer. How many different roles are open to someone with social media skills? If you are looking for a career in social media, there are multiple avenues....
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Put Your Heart In It: Empathy in the Workplace
It makes sense why we become attached to our offices, coworkers and clients. Studies suggest a third of our adult lives are spent at work. We may spend more time with our work colleagues than with our own friends and families....
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Write a Killer Social Bio
Nice to e-meet you! There’s no second chance at a first impression, but on the Internet, we do seem to meet each other again and again. We’re on multiple platforms and in various channels. We develop deep connections to others...
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Growth Is Hard! Here’s Our Advice
It’s scary to put yourself out there. All too often, we might know in our hearts what we want, but be afraid of the path to get there. Perhaps you are the person in your office who is always intrigued...
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Everything Is Shareable Online. Or Is It?
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Let’s take this back to the college lecture halls: Do you understand copyright law? We don’t mean to scare you! In fact, learning about the dos and don’ts of copyright might be easier than you think. It’s definitely important. Online,...
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Generalists Can Excel Too
As we join different platforms and are tasked with filling in more and more bios (and using fewer and fewer words for each one) it can be difficult to define ourselves. How do we whittle down what we do into...
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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Add Video
You own a small business and want to try video. Where to begin? As business owners look to incorporate more and more videos into their marketing strategies—and report positive results—you may be wondering how video can fit into the marketing plan...
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