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Let’s Get Visual with Strong Images
Images can help you tell a story. Strong visuals grab our attention. They make us laugh, cry, and feel every emotion in between. But, if you have limited resources, upping your visual game may feel like turning straw into gold....
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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Add Video
You own a small business and want to try video. Where to begin? As business owners look to incorporate more and more videos into their marketing strategies—and report positive results—you may be wondering how video can fit into the marketing plan...
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Yes, You Can Use Video on LinkedIn
Everybody’s on LinkedIn—even celebrities are on this social platform known for networking. And while this may not be the platform you go to for fun, it is the platform you should be on for professional connections. According to numbers from LinkedIn’s Sophisticated...
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Find Your Zen at Work: Eliminate Distractions
It’s happened again—you were writing that report, but then you took a break to check your email. Also Twitter. And Facebook. What can you do when a world of discovery and distraction is at your fingertips? Sure, it’s not a...
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Google Calender tips & tricks
4 Little-Known Features to Make the Most of Google Calendar
Ding! That’s the sound of another meeting request coming through. Is your calendar working as hard as you are to keep life running smoothly? Chances are a digital calendar keeps you mostly on track—you may even depend on one to schedule...
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Developing Your Social Media Strategy
Social media can be a powerful tool and help you engage with and grow your audience. You’ll need a strategy to help you manage and maintain your social media presence. Engagement is key when it comes to social media. Additionally,...
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Social Media Marketing Education Programs
We are happy to announce our very own CEO, Nancy Dibert, has partnered with the University of Delaware Professional and Continuing Studies to teach Social Media Marketing. UD’s Social Media Marketing program now includes two new powerful programs: Fundamentals of Social Media...
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Using Snapchat for Business
Yes! Snapchat for business use is a thing! With Snapchat, business and organizations can increase their community engagement and brand awareness through innovative marketing campaigns. The video-messaging app Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks. It has more than 100 million daily...
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Analyzing The Success of Social Media Marketing
Guest post from Jonathan Leger Social media is a modern phenomenon that presents incredible marketing potential. The problem lies in knowing just how to harness that potential to get the results you want. That’s why it’s so important to have a game...
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GIFs Prove to Be Worth at Least 10,000 Words
GIFs: Animated, looping images are experiencing a surge on mobile devices, growing an industry and providing textless messages for millions of users. Read the full article at: Check out these stats from the New York Times‘ fascinating exploration of GIF culture:...
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