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3 TED Talks to Pique Your Social Media Marketing Curiosity
TEDTalks Offer Social Media Marketing and Branding Lessons In social media marketing—as with all forms of good marketing, we love to think about why and how. How can we connect with this group? Why is this connection special? It’s important...
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Inspired to Go Viral? Find the X Factor
When it comes to going viral, there’s a certain X factor that remains unknown. Sometimes, it seems that going viral isn’t something that one so much achieves as inadvertently accomplishes. It’s as if, suddenly, it’s happened to you! Even more...
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Find Your Zen at Work: Eliminate Distractions
It’s happened again—you were writing that report, but then you took a break to check your email. Also Twitter. And Facebook. What can you do when a world of discovery and distraction is at your fingertips? Sure, it’s not a...
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Say Yes to Creative Balance
Creative people love to say, “Yes.” Saying “yes” can lead to unexpected opportunities and amazing collaborations. Saying “yes” can open doors to new connections and projects. Working from a place of “yes” means we are inspired by the work, and...
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It’s not me; it’s you
Understanding why people unsubscribe and how to keep them engaged. If marketing is all about building relationships, marketers better be prepared to face rejection—and know what to do to get that second date. Every email sent, every update tweeted, and...
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10 Albert Einstein Quotes that will Motivate and Inspire Your Work
Einstein Quotes for Motivation and Inspiration To keep experimenting, to stay curious, and to connect with others—Einstein reminds us that hard work doesn’t necessarily add up to achieving our goals. Instead of doing what we’ve always done or accepting the...
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15 Inspirational Quotes To Jump-Start Creativity
Sometimes it just takes a little spark to jump-start your creativity. Being creative is not the same with every person. Some people are naturally creative, while others really have to work at it. No matter which category you fall into,...
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Open your next conversation with a compliment
View image | For success, and especially to obtain employment, one’s knowledge and skills are less useful and less important than one’s network of personal contacts. – Wiktionary In other words, It’s not what you know, but who you know. Because we know this proverb to...
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Networking should be an exchange between people
Five Ways to Sharpen Your Networking Skills
The thought of going into a room cold, with just a name tag and a stack of business cards can be intimidating, anxiety inducing and downright painful. Networking doesn’t have to be that way. With the advent of social media and the...
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