Gain Insights with Website Traffic

Knock, knock! Who’s there?

If you don’t know how to track traffic to your website, you may not know who is standing on your doorstep and how they got there.

Brand awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how well they recognize it.

Source: Hubspot

Is your company name on everyone’s lips? Are clients and customers recommending you to friends and family? Do community members recognize your logo and know what you do?

When monitoring brand awareness, you should consider traffic to your website.

Website traffic offers a glimpse into the behaviors of clients and potential clients. It can help you know who’s outside looking in, and encourage more people to stop by and take action.

For a moment, imagine your website is your brick-and-mortar business. There could be someone passing by on their way to another shop. Another person could be on their way inside to find out more about what you do. Maybe someone else is simply window shopping and in the mood to browse.

Our website is the digital storefront of our business, and social media, digital newsletters, and word of mouth help encourage folks to take a look.

If our goal is to drive traffic to our website, one way we can measure that is thanks to Google Analytics.

Using this resource, we can measure what percent or our overall traffic is coming from social media. Additionally, measuring this can help analyze successful conversion and understand where to invest in social media marketing and advertising.

Here are four potential metrics to measure:
  • Traffic from social media: How many visitors are coming from your social media channels?
  • Share of overall traffic: How much of your overall traffic does social media account for?
  • Bounce rate of social media trafficWhat is the quality of the traffic from social media?
  • Clicks on your social media posts: How well is the messaging of your social media post working?
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