Holiday Relationships and Conversations

Food, friends, family. It’s the holidays and we’ve got a lot of reasons to gather round.

What will you be talking about this holiday? Here are a couple TED Talks to inspire your conversations.

3 steps to turn everyday get-togethers into transformative gatherings

How can you generate good discussion around your table? Author Priya Parker shares three steps to turn your gatherings into meaningful exchanges.

For example, Parker says, “instead of opinions, ask everybody to share a story from their life and experience that nobody around the table has ever heard, to difference or to belonging or to a time I changed my mind, giving people a way in to each other without burning the house down.”

The world’s largest family reunion … we’re all invited!

Perhaps you’ve become interested in seeing how deep your family tree roots go. Thanks to genealogy websites author, AJ Jacobs did just that. With a humorous approach, Jacob playfully shares the research and the unexpected links that connect us all.

“So I have all these hundreds and thousands, millions of new cousins. I thought, what can I do with this information? And that’s when I decided, why not throw a party?

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