How to Practice Self-Care on Social Media


Freshen up your feeds, take stock of who you follow, and unsubscribe from unwanted noise. Take care of your whole self by being mindful about who you follow. It’s time to practice self-care on social media and clean up your network.

What is self-care? Being well is about more than staying physically fit and eating right. Total wellbeing is physical, as well as mental, emotional, and even spiritual. Self-care is about taking care of your whole self—top to bottom, inside and out. When we practice self-care we say no to negative influences in our lives. Those negative influences could be a burger, a frenemy, a stressful environment, or any unhealthy habit.

Take Care of Your Virtual Self

But what about our virtual lives? Social media could be boosting your stress, especially if it leads to you thinking negative thoughts, feeling pressured to act a certain way, or being envious of others. That’s why it’s important to practice social media self-care, too.

However, practicing social media self-care doesn’t mean you have to log off of your networks and disconnect from others. Instead, it means you should be mindful online and scroll wisely.

Clean Up Your Act

Take a look at your phone and other electronic devices. Are there apps you hardly use that still clutter your background? Are there apps that you can’t bear to open? Think about what you really use and how you feel when you are on a certain platform. If it’s not a good part of your life, perhaps it is time to delete.

It could be that only certain elements of specific platforms bring negativity into your life. The next time you scroll and have a bad reaction to a post or person because of unfriendly content, consider unfollowing or pressing snooze. You may have the option to keep them out of your feed but remain connected.

Similarly, if your email inbox is overwhelmed, unsubscribe from newsletters you never read and opt to remove yourself from advertising lists. It will help bring what’s important to you to the top.

Focus on Inspiration

Social media is fun and helpful. It brings you closer to your friends and families, even when miles apart. It helps you discover new professional opportunities and provides entertainment. But it can also distract, overwhelm, and annoy.

Just like in real life, sometimes it’s important to take a step back. Feel empowered to disconnect and, when you log back on, remember what brought you there in the first place. Focus on the good and search for inspiration—not negativity—online. Follow the folks who matter to you, discover communities that share your passions and hobbies, and look for beauty in what you see.

Remember, you control what you put in front of yourself. Look for the positive and others will, too.

So, eat right, exercise regularly, reduce stress, and stay well—both online and in the real world!


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