Keep Your Job Search Going with Virtual Networking


Consider virtual networking to keep your job search alive.

Here are five ways to network online in hopes of opening virtual doors of opportunity and landing your next job. Virtual networking to forge connections can make a difference. 

Job searching is rarely fun. From updating your resume to combing through potential positions, finding work can be work in itself. However, a job hunt becomes an even greater task in uncertain times. Although some companies may be experiencing a hiring freeze, other searches go on—albeit over video conferencing.

If you find yourself looking for a career change and unsure how to navigate employment right now, find hope in how connections continue online. Even though it is easier said than done, stay positive and open to new opportunities.

Networking is often cited as a top way to find work. Keep at it, but switch it up! It’s time for virtual networking.

  1. Connect on LinkedIn. Have some time on your hands? Take a look at your digital resume on LinkedIn. Some career experts advise you to update your LinkedIn every 90 days, so your profile could be in need of a refresh. Update your photo, add links, join groups. Review your list of connections and see who you might know. See someone you’d like to know better? Send a personalized message to connect.
  2. Take a Webinar. Even if you’re not on the job hunt, regular webinars are a great opportunity to keep your skills sharp. You can also use webinars as a way to delve into a new field. Since most range between 30 minutes and an hour, it’s an easy way for you to meet and learn from various industry leaders. A webinar can even be completed over the lunch hour! And remember, if there’s a chat, ask questions and engage in virtual networking with your fellow attendees.
  3. Attend a Virtual Conference. You might not be able to go to an in-person conference right now, but for many presentations, the show must go on. Savvy digital professionals have found ways to keep the conference going online. If you have the time to dedicate to a half-day or day-long conference, take the opportunity without having to travel. Want to earn bonus points? Take note of your favorite presenters or organizers and follow up with a thank you email afterward. Or you could connect on LinkedIn!
  4. Subscribe to a Newsletter. Meeting new people can be exhausting. Luckily, sometimes the job hunt is about absorbing new information and discovering new career paths. Sign up for an industry newsletter as a way to get to know experts in your field and keep up on trends. (You might find that some even occasionally have “job corner” postings.) Instead of having to chit-chat, it’s time to read and listen. You may find it turns you into a well-rounded candidate when opportunity knocks.
  5. Yes, You Can Always Email. It’s an oldie but a goodie. That’s right—email is still a thing when it comes to networking and job hunting. Take a scroll through your contacts and see if there’s someone you’ve been meaning to reconnect with—a favorite professor, former coworker, or old friend. Check-in. Ask how they’re doing. Ask for their advice. Of course, remember that inboxes can be personal, busy places, so be polite, professional, and respectful of their time. But don’t be afraid to ask for help.

So get your digital networking on! Now’s the time to explore new avenues and opportunities by networking virtually to keep your job search going.

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