Lead the Way in 2020: Goal Setting

Are you setting your goals as a manager?

If you have plans for 2020, your employees probably do too. And they may not be with you.

Setting goals for a new year can trigger reflection in us all, and we may find ourselves wondering if we’re in the right role.

That’s why we know it’s important to create opportunities where staff can build on their strengths. Give them the chance to shine.

We loved reading this article in Fast Company about purpose-driven leaders in the workplace. 

As Mikaela Kiner, CEO of Reverb and author, shares:

“It’s incredibly important to be intentional about your goals in growing, and you should go so far as to even write your own leadership manifesto. Think about how you will build a set of shared values, and what kind of legacy you want to leave. Talk early and often about your mission and purpose as a team and measure the impact you’re having.”

For more tips and ideas on empowering your employees in 2020, read the rest of the article: Purpose-driven leaders will occupy your workplace in 2020: Here’s how to maximize them.

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