Manage Your Time Effectively This Holiday Season

Holidays got you feeling rushed? 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and also perhaps the busiest. You’re with family, out shopping, preparing and eating delicious food, and traveling the globe! You’re also balancing all that with regular work, stationed at your desk, and glued to your smartphone.  

The holidays may be here, but you remain connected.

Actually Take Time Off 

However, taking a break can be good for your health and career. Time off can be beneficial, and preparation and communication can help smooth the process thanks to shared calendars and out of office messages. 

When you get out of the office, you have the chance to breathe or discover something new. This can help you both personally and professionally by refreshing your energy and creativity drive.

Rethink Vacation Days

If you find yourself still exhausted and unable to keep up with the holiday rush, it might be worth rethinking how you recharge. The answer: Take a Wednesday off.

Break up your work week by taking a mid-week holiday. You’ll be delighted to enjoy a visit to a museum or the movies with fewer people to contend with, or simply catch up on errands. A quick day off in the middle of the week can help you recharge and make those other days feel easier.

Donate Your Time

’Tis the season for giving back, so perhaps it’s the right opportunity to donate your time to others. Consider taking a day off from your usual work to volunteer with a local nonprofit or put together a care package for a shelter or food bank. It will help you refocus while also keeping in mind the spirit of the season.

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