Developing Personas is Important for Your Marketing Efforts

What Are Buyer Personas?

Personas are fictional representations of your customers or members. They are key in helping companies better understand their customers. To create effective, targeted messages, you need to know your audience. Personas help paint a picture of who your audience is, what products they are most likely to use, and how they like to interact with you. This makes it easier for you to tailor your content, messaging, and create products specific to the needs of your target audience. Audience personas can be an excellent tool that can be integrated throughout your marketing especially in your digital initiatives and they help lay a foundation for better user experience. They help create personalization, which enables you to create specific targeted messaging for different segments of your audience. Personas can also help you pair the right product and messaging to the right customer. Additionally, they can help you create a better marketing plan.

When developing your personas, start with 3 to 5 key groups of your current customer or audience base. Focus on the major needs and expectations of each segment, then define their goals. Knowing what your audience’s goals are will help you align products and services that will help them achieve those goals. Take the time to develop your personas and represent your audience well.
millennial persona at beach wedding

Example Persona

Name: Mike Millennial
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Relationship status: Most likely in a relationship or newly married
Goals: Pay down student debt and save for his first house
Pain points: He finds it difficult to save money while paying down debt
Key Products/Interests: Debt consolidation, savings tools, convenience services
Preferred Communication: Text and email, will research products online before making a decision

Mike Millenial, here, is a fictional member that we developed for one of our credit union clients. Though the persona is a fictional character, it represents real people who share similar traits. By giving a name to a specific persona, you make it much easier for people inside your organization to understand the issues facing the defined personas. You also provide insight on how to potentially solve these issues. All of the defined traits that these personas possess are based on trends and patterns collected by doing research.

Reach Your Target Audience

By developing personas you will gain knowledge and understanding of the target audience. With this knowledge, you will be able to become more audience-focused. Your audience goals and needs will become clear allowing them to be a focal point for your efforts. You will also be able to improve the quality and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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