Use a Twitter Q&A to Engage Your Audience Digitally

Twitter Q&A = Engagement

Want to connect with clients and followers wherever they may be? Use Twitter for your next digital Q&A.

What is a Twitter Q&A?

Think of a Twitter Q&A as a panel discussion that happens in the virtual world. You are the host who organizes the event, invites the experts to join you, and fields the questions from your audience.

When you hold a Q&A on Twitter, you remove barriers for others who hope to attend. People can join from wherever they are in the world, hear directly from industry leaders, and connect with others who share their interest in the topic.

Who should be part of a Twitter Q&A?

Just as you would in real life, you need to name a date, time, and topic beforehand. You also need to market your event. Of course, the place for your panel to take place will be Twitter.

You should pick a topic that speaks to your organization’s cause or platform. For example, a university may want to host a Twitter Q&A with a successful alumnus. A credit union may want to host a Twitter Q&A with one of their financial leaders. A museum may want to host a Twitter Q&A with a curator, who can go behind the scenes of a special exhibition.

Whatever you choose, make sure the theme and guest are the right fit—and that your audience will want to join in. Additionally, when you invite your guest, you should make sure they are savvy enough to navigate Twitter.

How do you invite your audience?

Start your marketing—via Twitter and other channels, like an email invitation or e-newsletter—beforehand. If you don’t get the word out, your audience won’t know to join. You’ll want to have folks put this on their calendar, but keep in mind social media moves quickly. Some people might want to commit to joining a week beforehand. Others might make the decision if they see a promotion a day beforehand or the morning of the event.

However you market, it’s essential you promote a special hashtag that’s exclusive for your event. This will be how your audience follows along and asks questions. When it’s time to start, send out a tweet with the hashtag welcoming your followers to the Q&A. It’s up to you to kick this Q&A off and move questions along!

What happens when it’s over?

Don’t forget to wrap up! You should have given folks a timeframe for the Twitter Q&A to take place, likely 30 minutes to an hour. When it’s time to say goodbye, let your audience know. And don’t forget to thank them for joining you.

Later on, you may want to write a blog post summarizing the advice and conversation. Another idea would be to recycle posts for a #TBT post throwing it back to the great time you had.

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