Who to Call? Google My Business Tells You

Where do you go to answer life’s little questions? Google.

What’s for dinner? What’s the number for a local plumber? What movies are in theaters?

Google holds the answers to quirky questions and finds the doers who can complete important tasks. Instead of thumbing through the phone book, you likely find yourself searching for answers online.

But Google can only tell you the information that’s out there, and that’s why businesses need to be on Google My Business. Google My Business is an essential SEO tool and key aspect of online reputation management.

When used correctly, Google My Business helps you establish a calling card that shows clients you are a trustworthy and talented business.

Creating a Google My Business profile is easy and requires sharing information you already have, like:

  •       Business address
  •       Service hours
  •       Phone number
  •       Web address
  •       Tagline or brief description

Ultimately, Google My Business should help you stand out in online searches and make it easy for customers to choose your services and connect. Advanced business marketers will know that additional features, like photos, online reviews and ratings, maps, links to social media profiles, and verification can add pizzazz to your profile.

This may sound like a lot of work, but Google My Business profiles can be easily set up by repurposing and linking to existing content.

Once established, you should monitor your Google presence. Setting up a calendar alert to check your Google My Business profile regularly could help you easily manage any updates.

Google may also check in on you. As users recently discovered, Google My Business will email to remind you about your verified account if you’ve been inactive. Claiming your online presence is also important—if you don’t create a profile and monitor the conversations, you might find someone else is shaping your business’ story. Take note: User-generated content like reviews and photos can help flesh out your profile, but they can be added without your approval.

So, why is Google My Business important? Because ignoring it is like telling your customers to go to the competition.

Imagine what might happen if a potential customer searches for your business online and finds only information about your competitors.
Let’s avoid that with Google My Business!




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