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Quick! Describe yourself in 150 characters.

That’s what you have to do in your Instagram bio. It’s not a bad length to cover the basics, but on such a visual platform you’ll want to stand out.

How can you succinctly wrap things up?

Give your text a boost

If you’re looking to add a fancy font, look to Beautiful Dingbats. Enter your text into a generator and see it converted into formal script, block letters, or other unexpected fonts.

Have fun with emojis

Think of emojis as signals. They convey a host of information in one character, and can also suggest emotions and convey a sense of style and personality. Not only are emojis eye-catching, they can also surprise and delight people in just the right way.

Connect to your links

You only get one link on Instagram, but with Linktree you can link out to multiple. Sign up for free (or pay for a pro account), connect Linktree to your profile, and be able to direct your followers to multiple pages, from your professional website to latest project.

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