Should You Hire a Social Media Manager? The Answer is Probably Yes

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“If you’ve tried to tack social media management on to your job, then you already know how difficult it can be. It’s hard to make it a priority over customer phone calls, sales, accounting and staffing (the list goes on).”


Assigning social media management responsibilities to a full-time staffer who already has a “full plate” is one of the most common problems we encounter.

This creates predictable outcomes and pain points for businesses who don’t have the right talent in place to manage social media:

1. Social media is treated as an after-thought.

2. No strategy is ever created for a business’ social program, let alone executed.

3. Social media programs often become abandoned.

Managers, often make the assumption that millennials are best-equipped to handle social media, even if they lack significant experience. That is often not the case.

Whether your business hires an in-house social media strategist or brings on a marketing firm, there’s no question that social media marketing requires identifying goals, aligning social strategies with marketing and PR strategies and having dedicated resources in place to measure, react and ensure success.

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