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You are building relationships through your marketing.

Your fans, followers, consumer, and clients aren’t nameless and faceless. Each one is a person with a special interest in you and your business. And you have a special relationship with them.

When we launch our business strategies, we often look into different groups. Who loves us? Likes us? Doesn’t know about us? Then, we build our goals and tasks around better connecting with each of those groups of people.

However, what we may forget in the speedy world of marketing is that we’re embarking on long-term relationships. When we reach a goal, it is likely because a relationship has changed.

Think about your network. Do you want to:

  • Start a new relationship?
  • Nurture an existing relationship?
  • Improve a troubled or distant relationship?

An important part of building your social media strategy is planning how relationships will change. After you hit a goal, you should check in with your timeline and adjust metrics.

What comes next? Here are a few prompts to help you navigate each relationship.

What do you want to change? For example, do you want to turn a casual fan into a follower or attract a new demographic?

Why do you want the relationship to change? Think about this: Are you looking to build a social media platform, see more foot traffic, or increase members of your rewards program?

How can you encourage the relationship to change? Consider the platforms you might use. Is this someone who could become a reader of your e-newsletter or might enjoy attending a special event?

When will you know the relationship has changed? Goal setting continues as the interactions grow. How will you know you’ve improved your interactions?

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