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Integrated Marketing

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The landscape and dynamics of marketing have been changing rapidly. With the introduction of digital marketing some years ago now, there has been an increase in the amount of technology and tools that are available. Additionally, the marketing space has become more crowded. A company can no longer just put out some print ads and sit back and wait.

To have optimal results when developing marketing campaigns, it is best to use an integrated approach.

Today we’ve seen a shift in marketing towards more digital mediums. This is not a problem for millennials and younger generations who have been raised in a digital age, but digital marketing may not work as well for other demographics. There is a need for a blended approach as consumers still want variety.

An integrated marketing campaign essentially means to combine communication mediums for a unified and multi-channel approach. Mediums can consist of email, billboards, print, radio, public relations, and digital to name a few – combining traditional with digital marketing. A fully integrated campaign should deliver the same experience and messaging across the different channels.

For example, if you plan on sending a direct mail piece include follow up emails and digital ads to deliver the same message. This will reinforce the messaging and make sure that your content reaches your desired audience. An integrated marketing approach will ensure that all messaging and communication strategies are consistent and centered on the customer.

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