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Hi there, and welcome to the Epic careers page! We're flattered you decided to take a closer look at us while on the hunt for a new position.

Let's see if we're a good fit!

We're a full service marketing agency.

That means we do it all, and we understand how it all works together. Most importantly, we work together to do it all. Silos belong on a farm after all, not within an agency.

Our Epic associates recognize how a straightforward press release or a clever ad can be adapted to write exceptional email copy. We know an active social media presence and a successful email campaign rely on targeting the right audience with the right messaging. We look at content as a whole and how the elements of design, copy and functionality work together for a great user experience.

If you have multiple skills in your marketing toolkit, we might just be a great fit! We are actively searching to fill the positions below, so take a look and see if one speaks to you!

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Social Media Marketing Manager

Influencers, newsfeeds, and trolls, oh my! The world of social media is fast-paced and ever- changing. We’re looking for a Social Media Marketing Manager who can not only keep up, but also push forward and help our clients create and maintain an active social media presence that drives ongoing engagement.

Do you know how to craft a Facebook post that gets people commenting? Are you up on the latest Twitter trends? Ready to put your passion for posting to work? Check out the detailed job description here.

Epic Marketing Content Creators - EMC2s for short

Just like the theory of relativity makes up the foundation of Einstein's work, our EMC2s are at the heart of everything we do. They're our boots on the ground. They're in the trenches. They're nose-to-the-grindstone, go-the-extra-mile team players. (They can also suggest a bunch of other creative phrases to say they work hard and are hands on.)

We expect our EMC2s to have a general grasp of multiple marketing concepts, a proven ability to execute marketing plans, and most importantly a desire to grow their talents and develop new skill sets.

Sound like you? Check out the detailed job description here.

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Lead Content Creator

Woof, at this point in your career, you've seen some stuff! You've made a few mistakes, you've had some over-the-top wins, and now you're ready to take on your next challenge -- maybe with us!

We're looking for a passionate and experienced multiple-disciplinary marketer who leads by example and is ready to inspire their team members. We're seeking someone who is passionate about making themselves, their team and their clients better. We're looking for thought leaders who will drive strategic-based campaigns and the creative pieces behind them. We need a content creator who understands how multiple marketing pieces fit together -- but isn't afraid to keep learning and trying new things.

Think you're up for it? Check out the detailed job description here.

Traffic Manager

Find yourself daydreaming about Gantt charts, spreadsheets and timelines? Are you so organized that sometimes feel like you just don't fit in this chaotic world? Ever wish you could let your Type A, control-freak flag fly?

At Epic you not only can, we encourage it! We're looking for a talented, exceptionally organized individual to keep our creative teams on task, on schedule and on budget. This position is not for the faint of heart, and we're looking for a candidate with a proficiency for efficiency.

Could this be the organizational challenge of your dreams? Check out the detailed job description here.

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Our bookkeeper bitmoji is deep in though contemplating complex mathematical equations

It's a numbers world, and the creative minds at Epic are just living in it. That's why we need a math-focused mind to join our team, balance our books, keep track of our expenses, make sure our employees get paid, and deliver clear and transparent invoices to our clients.

Ready for your next "balancing" act? Check out the detailed job description here.

Think you have something else to bring to the team?

We're open to growth, new ideas, and most importantly: new people! If your skillset offers something -- or even better somethings -- that would bring extra luster to our muster, we want to hear from you!

Send us your resume, fill out our application, and let us know why you think you have what it takes to help us become even more EPIC!

Just like this bitmoji riding a unicorn, we're looking for unique talent to add to our team.

We're so excited about all the growth we're experiencing at Epic, and the opportunities that come with it. We have our fingers crossed that you're the perfect fit to join our award winning marketing team!

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