Establish Yourself on Social Media and Build Connections

Picture this: You’re an emerging leader in your field. (Not so hard to do, right?)

You’re passionate about your field and dedicated enough to pursue opportunities to gain additional skills. You hear about an incredible opportunity that will help you build your toolbox, make connections, and significantly grow your business—over the next few weeks, months, and years.

You decide to throw your hat into the ring. You fill out and submit an application form. But you never hear from anyone, not peers or the thought leaders and teachers you hoped to connect with.

Turns out you didn’t include any of your contact information.


This sounds like a bad dream. But you may be making a similar mistake on social media if you haven’t maximized your social media presence. According to a 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report on the social economy, almost 70% of businesses reported they were using social media, while only 3% identified as “fully networked.”

What does this mean? Businesses weren’t taking the time to register for popular and emerging platforms, set up social profiles, and regularly interacting with their community in a positive and useful way.

Don’t make the same mistake businesses were then. Social media is more than a new addition to the marketing game. 

  •       Discover where your audience is active.
  •       Create effective and eye-catching profiles. 
  •       Have a plan to consistently engage.

It’s time to show up and sign up. If you’re serious about growing your skills and network, start with building your presence on the major platforms. Make this your time to put yourself out there and grow connections.


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