Make Your Copy Shine Online

Searchable, digestible, clickable, and shareable.

Strong storytelling stands out anywhere. When we know how to grab attention and get our point across, we can call ourselves successful communicators.

However, it’s also important to adjust our copy to fit the medium.

It’s possible to be too wordy online, especially as attention spans shrink and visuals take center stage. Words matter, and choosing the right ones can make all the difference.

The optimal length of an email has been much debated. But according to Boomerang’s data, emails between 50 and 125 words had the best response rates at just above 50%.

Source: Hubspot

Make your copy searchable: Who is looking at your copy and why? Include key phrases and think about SEO so your messages can rise to the top.

Make your copy digestible: Your message should be clear and easy to read. Get to the point quick!

Make your copy clickable: Use action verbs and vibrant descriptors so people want to find out more. It’s your job to build curiosity and then surprise and delight.

Make your copy shareable: Good copy doesn’t end with you. You’re just the beginning. When your copy includes important, useful, or entertaining information, it will be shared!