4 Ways to Make the Most of Google My Business

How might potential customers discover your business? Likely, the answer is Google.

Your immediate results shape what happens next. If the search results yield little (or negative) information, potential customers will be searching for someone else! But, if they pull up a vibrant profile and can easily access the contact information and reviews they need, you’ll be getting a call.

So, what can we do to ensure that, once found, customers choose your business?

Completing your Google My Business profile is an important and easy way to gain traction, but once that information is out there it will need to be monitored. Here are four ways to ensure your Google My Business profile is a robust and accurate calling card for your business.

Fill out your profile

Google My Business is more than a listing in the digital yellow pages.

For starters, your profile does connect folks with easy links to go to your website, call or message you, or get directions to your office. But Google My Business profiles can also include photos and reviews—giving customers an inside look at operations, your beautiful decor, friendly staff, and talented work.

What does a healthy Google My Business profile add up to? Reasons why potential customers choose your business or head somewhere else. So be sure to claim and verify your Google My Business profile.

Monitor changes and review

Okay, so your Google My Business profile is beautiful. Every section is filled out, and so you leave it to be discovered and forget about it. That’s not a good idea.

While Google My Business profiles may not need to be monitored as frequently as your other social channels, this is a place where folks can leave reviews, both positive and negative. Don’t ignore your business online. If it helps, set a calendar reminder to check in weekly or select which notifications you want to receive via email from Google My Business.

Add informative and eye-catching content

Like other social media profiles, it’s important to stay current and timely on Google My Business. If your latest photos and reviews are dated, potential customers may be unsure of what to expect. While you don’t need to add a new photo daily as you would on Instagram, think of how you can stay fresh.

This is a great place for user-generated content, so you might want to link clients to your profile and encourage Google reviews in your enewsletters or follow-up emails. Plus, did you know you can post announcements, offers, and event details in your Google My Business profile? There are multiple ways for you to have an active presence.

Stay Connected to Google My Business

As with everything on the internet, change is a constant. Google My Business is always tinkering, so what you think you know about keywords or claiming your profile could change!

Stay up-to-date on Google My Business new features announced in the community forum. You can also find Google My Business on Twitter and Facebook


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