Make Your Instagram Bio Shine

Quick! Describe yourself in 150 characters.

That’s the character count for your Instagram bio. As social media users and professionals know, online interactions are often dictated by such counts. Naturally, Instagram sets a limit on the length of your bio, as well as your username. Character counts can feel restrictive, but sometimes limits or guidelines can be our friends. Perhaps you have an elevator pitch ready to serve as your quick introduction to folks you meet in person or in virtual meetings. A brief intro (or, in this case, a sharp Instagram bio) can keep you on message and speed up connections.All things considered, 150 characters is not a bad length to cover the basics. (For context, 150 characters is between 20 and 40 words, with spaces included in the character count.) But on such a visual platform you’ll also want to stand out. 
yellow letter tiles spell out intro on blue background
How can you succinctly wrap things up? We have a few suggestions to help make your Instagram bio shine.

Give your text a boost

If you’re looking to add a fancy font, look to Beautiful Dingbats. Enter your text into a generator and see it converted into formal script, block letters, or other unexpected fonts. On this visual platform, the extra step of using an eye-catching font could be your unique entry point.

Have fun with emojis

Think of emojis as signals. They convey a host of information in one character, and can also suggest emotions and convey a sense of style and personality. Not only are emojis eye-catching, they can also surprise and delight people in just the right way. If you need help finding just the right emoji, look to emoji search engine Emojipedia. There, easily search and discover emojis, as well as insights on how they are commonly used.Your Instagram bio can be a landing page of sorts, directing followers to additional information about you. If you are a creator, blogger, or marketing professional, you may want to include your personal website in your bio.However, you only get one link on Instagram. With an add-on tool like Linktree you can link out to multiple sites or pages. Sign up for free (or pay for a pro account), connect Linktree to your profile, and direct your followers to multiple pages. If you feel one link isn’t enough for you, this kind of service will help share everything from your professional website to your latest project. There’s a reason why “who, what, where, when” is a classic. Don’t forget your basic info! This is especially important for businesses or retailers. An Instagram bio for a business or a professional is also a calling card and even a modern classified listing. Consider including information like store hours, shipping or delivery options, and phone number, as appropriate.

Update, update, update!

Sometimes, it seems like change is the only constant on social media! Remember: Character counts are often updated, and jobs and interests frequently shift. Don’t be afraid to regularly update within your personal brand standards. Perhaps an emoji that once spoke to you now feels dated. Or, maybe that go-to hashtag is no longer in vogue. Ideate, create, try, and update.If social media is where you create and play on the internet, keep you eyes open for inspiration and ideas, like this resource from Mobile Monkey on how to strategically craft your Instagram bio. And take note of tip no. 18! Creativity certainly doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and neither does networking. Asking for feedback can be a great way to ensure your bio is accurate, effective, and inviting.

So, how will you update your Instagram bio now?