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How UnConferences Prioritize the Participant Experience
Most conferences are structured around one speaker sharing their expertise with an audience. This can be a great way for a larger group of people to learn about a specific topic. However, there’s another style of conference that focuses on...
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Give Yourself Time for Social Media Post-Production
Whether producing a podcast or a video blog, speed and timeliness are expected in social media content creation. But failing to give yourself time for post-production will hurt your end product. For weeks, you’ve been watching the cinema blogs slowly...
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Selective Focus Photography of Gray Stainless Steel Condenser Microphone
Choosing the Right Podcast Topic Means Finding Your Niche
A quality microphone. Audio recording software. A web hosting service. While podcasting may be easier than you think, there are several steps to complete before launch. What’s the most important? Zeroing in on the right topic, of course. Choosing the...
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